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More than you expect


100 percent Bosch

For more than 125 years, our customers have been putting their trust in Bosch automotive technology. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, we have access to the products and innovations of the entire Bosch Group. We are connected with 1,400 developers in the research and advance engineering department at Robert Bosch GmbH, as well as countless colleagues in the various other Bosch divisions and plants. We aim to supply automotive technology with customized services for unique projects. It’s the best of both worlds.

Bosch Mobility Solutions

Giving 100 percent for our customers

We understand what our customers want and direct our development services to reflect that. Our goal is to win our customers over with tailored development services that are trustworthy, flexible, and on schedule. But how do you measure customer satisfaction? We say it’s when the project ends with a smile on the customer’s face.

Pagani Huayra

More than 800 customer projects a year

Since Bosch Engineering was founded in 1999, our developers and engineers have seen more than 4,500 customer projects through to completion – more than 800 of them in 2015 alone. One of our biggest projects ran for 26 months and brought together more than 150 associates from various departments. Internally, then, our work is connected and interdisciplinary, and we bring that same integrated approach to our work with our customers. Our software and system solutions help them achieve lasting success.

keep in touch

17 locations, nine countries, and more than 40 nationalities

Our roots are in Germany, but we maintain a global presence wherever our customers need us. This is why we understand our customers as well as international markets. Our associates come from more than 40 different countries and work in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, and North and South America. They are connected with one another in a global network so that they can exchange knowledge across the barriers of individual technologies or divisions. They act on their own initiative, through an awareness of their responsibility as entrepreneurs.

Our locations world wide

More than 2,750 associates

Today Bosch Engineering numbers more than 2,750 associates from 42 different countries. Of the original 13 associates, four remain – 16 years after the company’s foundation. Values such as fairness, reliability, responsibility, and initiative are not merely something we talk about on paper. That’s why our associates really identify with the company, with 92 percent saying they are proud to work for Bosch.

Our employees

Countless applications

From sports cars to excavators, trains to snowmobiles, our development solutions find application in areas that are as diverse as they are unique. We combine software and systems expertise, creativity, and industry know-how to combine the best things from every area.

Our fields of application

From 0 to 24 cylinders, and from a batch size of 1

Our development services reduce fuel consumption, automate driving functions, improve dynamics, and make driving safer and more comfortable. As a partner for engineering services, we support our customers’ activities with complete solutions – even for a batch size of 1.

Fuel cell

115+ years of motorsport

Bosch Engineering GmbH brings together all of the Bosch Group’s motorsport activities. Bosch technology featured in race cars as far back as 1901. Today, Bosch motorsport engineers supply teams in the DTM, FIA Formula 3 European Championship, and numerous rally and endurance challenges extending all the way to the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the ultimate formula racing series with race-tested technology made by Bosch.

Bosch Motorsport