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Events Calender Recruiting Events

Event Location Date
IngA³ Mentoring women opening and final event Abstatt, Germany 09-03-2018
Girls Day Abstatt, Germany 12-04-2018
ITs Bosch Engineering Abstatt, Germany 20-04-2018
bonding recruiting event Braunschweig, Germany 29-05-2018 - 30-05-2018
Recruiting Day Wiesbaden Wiesbaden, Germany 06-06-2018
SneakPreview: OpenCampus@BoschEngineering Abstatt, Germany 08-06-2018
Formula Student Boxberg Event Boxberg, Germany 06-07-2018 - 07-07-2018
Formula Student Germany Hockenheim, Germany 06-08-2018 - 12-08-2018
ITs Bosch Engineering Abstatt, Germany 11-10-2018
Carolo Cup Workshop Abstatt, Germany 23-11-2018 - 24-11-2018
SneakPreview: OpenCampus@BoschEngineering Abstatt, Germany 06-12-2018