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Are you IngA³ - Mentoring women


Are you an open-minded person? Are you technically minded and would you like to actively develop your skills further? Then you're IngA³!

The Bosch Engineering mentoring program IngA³ supports women studying technical degree courses. We are looking for female university students studying mathematics, information technology, as well as science- and technology-based subjects.

Our mentors will open up opportunities, provide advice, offer feedback and help you grow as a confident female leader. They’ll coach you on questions like, which degree specialization is ideal for my future job? How can I learn to handle problems in a confident manner? How do I get ahead in the work profession? Our mentors will help you to plan your career and develop as a person.

The program lasts one year. There is an opening, interim and final event where all mentees and mentors meet in an official context. You can discuss your individual issues with regard to professional and personal development at this one-on-one meeting (approx. once a month) with your mentor.

The program starts again in spring 2019.

Travel costs to the opening, interim and final events will be reimbursed (more than 30km).

Voices and statements about the program: