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  • #LikeABosch

    #IoT #LikeABosch
    A car that parks itself, and that can be unlocked and started simply by using a smartphone. A system that warns drivers about the tail end of a traffic jam around the next bend.
    Around the world, Bosch is working on smart mobility concepts like these – and many more – to make driving even safer and more relaxed.

  • Integrated vehicle dynamics control

    The innovative Vehicle Dynamics System

    To achieve the perfect controllability of a super sports car you no longer have to be a professional racing driver, all because our experts have provided an innovative vehicle dynamics system.

  • Electrified drive systems for off-highway applications

    Electrical operation.
    Versatile application.

    We prove that custom-made electric motors or hybrid solutions can also be successful in off-highway applications.

  • E/E Systems

    E/E Systems

    The demands on the electric and electronic systems (E/E systems) in modern vehicles are rising steadily. As the number of systems in the on-board network continues to grow, the increasing exchange of data through vehicle connectivity must also be managed reliably.

    Bosch Engineering’s development services for E/E systems not only help fulfill the highest safety requirements, but they also contribute to the powertrain’s efficiency and the comfort of today’s vehicles.

  • Our Test Center

    Our Test Center

    Meeting the strict requirements for safe and resource-saving mobility calls for complex and extensive development processes. By working with Bosch Engineering you not only gain access to cutting-edge testing technology for engines of every performance class, but also benefit from the full breadth of expertise in the Mobility Solutions business sector of Robert Bosch GmbH.

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The best of two worlds

Since 1999, we have been developing individual solutions for electronics systems, combining individual solutions with the advantages of proven and tested large series technology. You get everything from one source — flexible, customized, and high-quality!
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